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Partnerships, Projects and Programs

Native Nations UW-Madison Initiative

In May 2016, the Provosts of UW-Madison, University of Wisconsin Colleges, and University of Wisconsin Extension collectively authorized a new initiative: the Native Nations_UW (NN_UW) Working Group. The NN_UW Working Group was convened to partner with the Native Nations in Wisconsin on efforts to improve health services, preserve the environment, develop local economies, strengthen families, and expand educational opportunities. NN_UW acknowledges and supports the overall goal of strengthening Tribal sovereignty. With that in mind, the Native Nations and communities in Wisconsin and the NN_UW Working Group created the NN_UW Strategic Plan to work towards more respectful and reciprocal partnerships. The goal of the plan is to work with Wisconsin Native Nations to conduct research and educational networks with Tribes.

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Native Nations Partnership Fund

Gifts to this fund provide broad support for all activities related to the Native Nations-UW-Madison partnership, including, but not limited to, research, education, community outreach, elder/faculty/student recruitment, retention, and morale.


Native Nations Projects

People across the UW-Madison campus are engaged with Native Nations through a wide range of research on human health, the environment and natural resources, and other fields. The following list represents an attempt to provide the first comprehensive list of these projects. While we have done our best to be inclusive, there may be projects and partnerships of which we are not yet aware. We will build upon this list as additional information and new projects emerge.


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Campus Climate

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Environment and
Natural Resources

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Language and

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Professional Development


Groundwater Management & Conservation

Groundwater Management & Conservation

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Tribes Adapt

Tribes Adapt

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